Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fifteen Exercises in Perception: Table of Contents

Here is the Table of Contents, with a summary of each chapter. The book can be used alone, or in a group. The structure is also suitable for a high school or college course in photography, with assignments appropriate for a semester's worth of work. 

I. Introduction  --how to approach the exercises
II. Almost an Island    --observing while varying your types of movement
III. Windows  --using the windows of your home to learn about perspective
IV. Poem for a Terrace: Words into Photo Maps --thinking spatially about the landscape
V.  Oracle –answering inner questions by noticing metaphors in the outside world
VI.  Duet –learning from the different vision of a friend
VII. Interpreting Stones –examining an element of the world around us                             
VIII. Running Poem –experimenting with how speed affects perception                            
IX.  River Hikes –noticing the difference in your perception in a group vs. when you’re alone
X.  Urban Wanderer: Twelve Photographs –finding out how limiting the number of pictures you take changes your results—or if it does
XI.  Urban Wanderer: No Limits –discovering if taking unlimited photographs alters your themes or results
XII. Photographing Nothing, and Writing Down the Sound Between Words –approaching negative space, and honoring silence and the opportunity to hear
XIII.  My Neighborhood –understanding what you think and feel about where you live
XIV.  Animal Search –getting to know an animal’s world, which is also your world
XV.  Ways of Observing –assessing the exercises 

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